*best feeling ever!
I’ve never imagined that i will experience the kind of surprise that i never thought it would happen to me. ;)
For the first time, there is someone who would do sweet things and eager to make an effort for me. I didn’t expect it at all. I thought it’ll be just an ordinary birthDAY for me. At first , i dont know what reaction should i show her. I only think, that scenario only exist in my mind, i have no idea that i’ll be on that kind of situation too.my heart is overflowing with happiness and love, i was touched. XD. It’s like.. a valentines day in the middle of july. Hahaha. I’m feeling all the happy feelssss from yesterday til now. :)
Again, thanks for your awesome gifts and surprise! I can say, this is the bestest birthday of my life since my 7th birthday. Hihih i love you more and more and more and more everyday! Thank you my awesome lovely girlfriend for making my day the best! Again, i love youu! ;)

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*feelin’ great and greatly blessed!
To those people who greeted, and i’ve been with yesterday, Thank youuu!!! Specially to my awesome girlfriend, @tinztagram0211 , for her awesome surprise!!! Hihih. I love you so! :* bestest birthday ever!

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*chill.. :)

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aalegaspi sigh.. i miss you..

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Lunch date yesterday, ;)
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*late upload. :)
Some random doodle letter i made for her during our 7th of 7th. Hihih

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*so i finally got the chance to meet her incomparable happiness. Heheh
Nice to meet you Liahpot. XD looking forward to meet and play with you again soon. :)

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*7th of 7th. :)

Some of important highlights of the past 7 awesome months being with her. :)

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"It’s very tiring to love." #TFTFZx